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The median hourly wage for a Certified Nursing Assistant is $15, as of September 30, 2016, with a range usually between $13-$16, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors.

certified nursing assistant hourly and annual wages by state
Certified Nursing Assistant Wages by State. The hourly national average wage for nurse aides is $12.22 while the hourly median wage is $11.73. The top ten percent make over $16.50 an hour or $35,170 per year while the lowest ten percent of earners make $18,060 yearly or $8.68 per hour.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certification Wages, Hourly Wage…
By Employer Type. By Benefit/Perk. Employees with a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Certification. Hourly Rate Ranges by Job.

Hourly Wage Certified Nurse Assistant |
Medicare does not shell out for this variety of care named "custodial care".Custodial care (non-skilled care) is care that helps you with activities of everyday residing.It may Hourly Wage Certified Nurse Assistant include care that most persons do for themselves, for illustration, diabetes monitoring…

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Annual salary, hourly wage: $30,550 a year, $14.12 an hour (BLS). Suggested education: Associate of Science in Medical Assisting. A certified nursing assistant is someone who helps a registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse get through a day at work.

Nursing Assistants | Hourly mean wage
31-1014 Nursing Assistants. Provide basic patient care under direction of nursing staff. Perform duties such as feed, bathe, dress, groom, or move patients, or change linens. Employment RSE (3). Mean hourly wage.

Hourly Wages for Nursing Assistants |
A nursing assistant's hourly wage depends on the type of facility where she works. Nursing assistants who work for the federal government make the highest hourly mean wage of $17.28, while the state offers $14.68.

CNA Salary Guide | Certified Nursing Assistant Salary Facts
Table of Contents 4 What is the Starting Certified Nursing Assistant Salary? 6 Which Employers Pay the Highest Nurse Assistant Salary? Many factors play into the CNA hourly wage and will be different for each state.

Certified Nursing Assistant Pay Vs. Medical Assistant Pay | eHow
CNA Industries. Hospitals, along with employment services, also paid out the highest median hourly wages for nursing assistants in May 2008, at slightly more than $12 per hour.

Nursing Salaries
What is the hourly wage for nurses? These are questions that nursing students and aspiring nurses often ask. What is the hourly and yearly salary for a certified nursing assistant? Depending on the geographical location, this determines what the CNA will make yearly or hourly.

Nurses Overtime, Wage and Hour Lawsuits
Across the US, millions of dollars in settlements have been paid out for nurses wage and hour lawsuits . – Most nursing home and assisted living employees who are paid on an hourly basis and who work more than 40 hours a week (rare exceptions exist).

PDF In-service training / continuing education units (ceus)
CNAs are to receive the normal hourly wage for attending the In-Service on their regularly scheduled shift or during another shift. Only CDPH-approved In-Service Training Programs and CDPH-approved CEU providers with a Nurse Assistant Certification Number (NAC#) are accepted.

50% off For Cheap Hourly Average Assistant Wage Certified Nursing
With things specializations nursing areas carry nursing assistant aside Hourly Average Assistant Wage Certified Nursing price appointment, and giving bed baths. Aides amenities working: certified, nurse assistant medical affiliated louisiana.

Compensation for Nurses: Hourly Wages Vs. Salaried
For reasons of simplicity, we will use nurses in a hospital setting to compare pay types. Hourly Wages. For instance, a nurse may get a few extra dollars per hour for working at night, she might even get a few more for working the weekend at night.….
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Nursing Assistant – Lake Superior College
Nursing assistants work in nursing homes, hospitals and other medical settings. The nursing assistant program at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN starts with the basics. Duluth Hourly Wage. $12.

Profile of Nursing Assistant Related Work
Nursing assistants need to possess a diploma in nurse assistance or certified nursing assistant certification to attain a job in this field. Whereas, the professionals who are at the top level nursing assistance employment staff usually receive $15 as their hourly wage.

Certified Nursing Assistant 24 Hours Variable including Every Other Weekend.

SEIU – Service Employees International Union
New report finds 1 in 3 nursing assistants relies on public assistance, "care gap" worsening. Nearly 5,000 Pennsylvania nursing home workers won a path to a $15 hourly wage last week through their union.

Top 50 Nursing Related Health Care Jobs – RN to BSN Online Programs
Nursing assistants help registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare workers during their daily duties. They may be responsible for checking a Annual Salary – Hourly Wage: $22,050 a year – $10.60 an hour. Suggested Education: Certificate of Nursing Assistance or on-the-job training.

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Why become a nurse assistant? Nurse Assistants provide an invaluable service and play an important role in caring for elderly or disabled patients. · Good Pay: The median hourly wage in 2013 was $14.02. *

PDF Mean Wage of $13.84/hour and Entry Wage of $11.26/hour
Nursing Assistants Occupational Therapy Assistant Operating Engineers/Construction Equipment Operators Painters, Construction and Maintenance Occupational Title†. Annual Percent Annual 2014 Hourly Wage Growth Openings Mean Entry. FLDOE In EFI Training Targeted. Code Industry?

PDF August 2007
1164 hours Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA). New Hampshire Community Technical College – Claremont Campus. Mean Hourly Wage of Licensed Nursing Assistants in New England, May 2006.

Registered Nurse Salary and Wages by State
The mean hourly wages was reported to be $34.14. For example, on 18th May 2016, Clinical Nurse Managers earned $69,000, RN First Assistants made $65,000, and Cardiovascular Operating Room Nurses took home $64,000.

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statistically make a higher than the average wage.

Nurse Assistant Salary | Insurance Carriers. Hourly Salary: $14.32
The average hourly salary for a nurse assistant is $12.32 and the median hourly wage is $11.74. Nursing care facilities are the number one employer of nurse assistants, and the hourly mean wage for CNA's at these facilities is $11.85, or $24,650 per year.

2014 Wage Survey For CNAs, Medical Assistants, HHAs… | allnurses
Nursing Student › Medical Assistant (CNA/MA) ›. 2014 Wage Survey For CNAs, Medical Assistants, HHAs, PCTs: Post Here! CNA. Where are you located? Massachusetts. What is your hourly wage? 12.50 an hour. Are you paid shift differentials?

Average CNA Salary & Hourly wage by State | FindCNAClasses
So you're either interested in a career as a certified nurse's assistant or you're looking for CNA classes and just want more information. In addition, as you gain experience or seniority in your hospital or nursing home, annual raises increase your hourly wage.
Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Needed for Urgent Care Position.

Nurse Assistants at Grand Oaks Rehab Strike for $15/hr Wage…
Grand Oaks Rehab's certified nurse assistants walked off the job today for a 24-hour strike, lining pickets across from the facility on Palm Coast Parkway. Sure Raise the hourly wage…and hire more qualified CNA's.

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